Pinewood Slot Drill Guide


The Solution to Busted Axle Slots

With the power of 3d printing we mated the two popular pinewood derby tools and came up with the perfect tool to pre-drill axle slots for axles.  I promise you will 100% accurately correctly drill you axle slot every single time, perfectly.  We are the first to market.  I am 100% certain others will copy, but just let you know we were the FIRST.  We are so confident that these are successful, we have purchased at total of 7x 3D printers to make inventory for 2021 Derby Season because we have to print of 20,000 hours of inventory!

If your slot is not perpendicular to your body, its not going to fix that.  You will need a NON keyed drill guide such as the Derby Worx Pro Body Tool 2 to fix this error.    This simply drills your slots so that you do not bust your axle slots.  This is a solution that many desire.

Derby Dust ZERO degree Drill Guide for BSA Axle slots is the perfect and only tool you should now use to drill axle slots.  Made of environmentally friendly PLA plastic, this tool  can be used over and over.  We have no problems drilling 25+ cars on a single jig  Included is a #44 drill bit for perfect axle install.  Drills a perfect .086″ diameter hole for your BSA axle every single time!


We added a newer version for those who would like to drill the rears at angle / camber / canted 3 degrees for rail riding for a faster design setup.  Camber the rear axles without having to utilize bent axles eliminates a lot of tuning / steering time.  Focus on simply adjusting the steer axle to achieve desired steering.


What drill angle configuration would you like?

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