Pro Rail Rider Tool ™ Axle Center Rail Riding Canter Camber Bending Attachment

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Pro Rail Rider Tool ™ Axle Center Rail Riding Canter Camber Bending Attachment


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(A Pro Axle Press is required.)

The Pro Rail Rider Tool ™ is the first tool designed to assist the builder in accurately setting up the alignment of a Pinewood Derby car using the Rail-Rider™ method. This method makes for a straight, fast, easy to align car even without a test track.

In stock

Pro Axle Press

You need a Pro Axle Press to use this ATTACHMENT

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(A Pro Axle Press is required.)

The laws of physics tell us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As a “Perfectly aligned” car hits the center strip these laws cause it to change direction thus causing it to hit the guide rail on the other side. This back and forth motion will usually continue through out the run causing numerous impacts with the center strip.

These impacts cause a braking effect where, just like tapping the brakes in your car, it slows the pinewood derby car as well. Not only does this eat up precious energy we could use to propel the car towards the finish line, it causes the car to go into a back and forth motion bouncing from side to side off of the guide strip. This effectively lengthens the traveled path of the car thus making the track seem longer than it is. The longer the traveled path, the more time it takes to travel this distance.

This is why by gliding the front dominant wheel (the one touching the track) lightly down the guide strip or Rail Riding™, we can get the fastest and most consistent runs of any form of alignment of a pinewood derby car

1.The Pro Rail Rider Tool™ is designed to bend axles 1.5° & 2.5° of axle canting.
2.Alignment adjustments are simple and effective with axle canting.
3.Friction is reduced in all areas of the car.
4.Alignment is totally simplified and a very fast car can be achieved without a track.
(A Pro Axle Press is required.)

Pro Tip: By cutting a 3/16” strip of business card and placing it around the axle at the head an additional .5deg can be achieved. This will give the builder the options of : 1.5°, 2.0°, 2.5° and 3.0° for tuning.


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