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Pinewood Derby Tool Pack


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Get the most popular tools for official Cub Scout pinewood derby kits in one bundle and save! Our Basic Tool Pack includes the following tools:

This tool pack will meet most of the needs in building your derby cars fro the years to come.  Drill axle slots to ensure straight alignment and avoid slot damage.  Straighten axles.  Clean up the awful wheel hubs using the hub shaver to get you into the winner’s circle.

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400-10K Wet Sand Paper

Wet Dry Sandpaper Fine Grit Sandpaper ” Sanding Paper 10000 7000 5000 3000 2000 1500 1000 800 600 400 Grit

Tools for Camber Axles

Going to bend your axles? If so you will need one of these tools


Pinewood Derby Tool Pack

Pinewood Derby Tool Pack is a must-have for every racer.  When time is not on your side, the right tool will get the job done fast and correctly on the first try.

Whether you’re working with a pre-made car kit or starting from scratch with a basic pinewood block,  Derby Worx’s patent specialty tooling is the right tool for the job.  Quality counts, and Bill stand’s behind his products.

Our Pinewood Derby Tool Pack includes the following tools:

  • Derby Worx Pro Hub Tool – Wheel prep.  Inner bore sizing, square the inner bore hub, cone inner bore hub,
  • Pro-Outer Hub Shaver – Used to clean the outer bores where the nail head rides against the wheel.
  • Pro-Body Tool II (BSA Version) — Used to drill parallel pinewood derby axle holes, high wheel (even if you have to use slots)
  • Pro-Axle Guide  – Guide used to install axles with ease.   We use it as a guide for drilling axle holes as well.  Integrated gap gauge
  • Pro-Axle Press II – straighten axles and a taper under the axle head to reduce friction.  Use with rail rider attachment to bend axles
  • Pro-Wheel Mandrel – tool that allows a wheel to be chucked up for sanding and various other modifications
  • Barrette Axle File – A must have tool for modifying axles. Remove crimps and burrs.  Only 1 side cuts allowing for precise material removal
  • Axle wheel drill bit #44 – ALWAYS pre-drill derby axle holes.  Save your body, save your straight nails
  • Wheel Measurement Gauge – Used to determine if your pinewood derby wheel falls within your pack’s rules
  • Derby Dust BSA Weight Drill Guide – A 3D printed drill guide for drilling 3/8” weight holes
  • Gap Gauge – there is a proper distance for maximum speed.

Watch Bill show you how to use his tools


Upgrades / Add-ons

Don’t forget to add our 10 step sandpaper for all your wheel and axle needs to complete your Tool Pack!  400-10k grit makes those axles unstoppable.

Building a rail rider?  Add the pro rail rider tool or for advanced axle bending, a pro axle bender.


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