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Winning Pinewood Derby Car Kit by Derby Dust®

Pinewood Derby Winner's Circle

Derby Dust® Tech's utilize the 7 Steps in making fast pinewood derby car kits. Our car kits include a pre-cut car body, weight, prepared wheels, polished axles, and lube. Just complete the car kit, lube, install the wheels and axles, and race. Please take note we do not "install" tungsten cubes. This is done by you, the builder.

Customers choose custom parts according to their pack rules such as:

Our winning car kits come with either precision cut cnc axle slots or precision drilled axle holes drilled with the Goat Boy Drill Station. Kits with axle slots are always fully BSA compliant with all pack rules. Especially relevant are your local pack rules. Please check these rules before purchasing a car body with drilled axle holes.

Derby Dust® Pinewood Derby Car Kits are proven winners. Customers choose simple basic designs, or even the more aggressive ones. Most of the designs are copied from published "How to Guides" so you always know where you got your idea from.

I Want the Fastest Kit

Which is the fastest kit? Which is the most winning pinewood derby car kit? This is the million dollar question without a real answer. With pinewood derby, there are so many factors that will determine how fast a car will run. The best answer is that only a part of the maximum speed of the car comes from the body and weight, while most of the speed comes from the wheels, axles, lubrication, and alignment.

There are two most noteworthy factors. A car with lighter wheels allow it go faster, however if the car is not aligned (tuned) then none of it really matters. In addition any low profile car always seems to be in the winner's circle.

My go to setup answer for this question is:

  • Physics car / slim wedge body 3-wheel racer
  • Lead Weight
  • 3k bent axles (3x 2.5, 1x 1.5) adjusted with pliers
  • Wheel Polish kit or service
  • Derby Dust graphite
  • Lightest possible wheels that your PACK rules allow
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