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3D printed Pinewood Derby Tools and Parts

3D Printed Pinewood Derby tools are the solution for budget minded builders wanting pro level results. After being in the commercial PWD niche for nearly 8 years, I know there are certain steps that need to be done to have a winning design. Why do 10 people have a positive result with a given kit, and there is always one that has the most horrible experience of their life?

From reaching out to those customers one of the common things I find is tooling or the lack there of. When you have the right tools, you have the right build. But not everyone can afford a Master Tool Pack for Pinewood Derby. Some people are on a limited budget. And these patented tools can creep into some builder's budgets. So some do without, some can only get one tool. How do I help fix this problem? The solution is 3D printing.

What is our Goal for 3D Printing?

With the help of Troy and my Son, we have designed and manufactured new exciting products for the Pinewood Derby Niche using our Derby Dust 3D Print Lab. Simple tools, simple ideas brought to life, made here in the USA. Merica!

What this means to you is that we can design, and 3D print tooling at a fraction of the costs. Unique tooling that usually serves more than just one purpose. We offer a COG stand that doubles as a wheel install jig. We offer a axle pusher that is also a gap gauge and a wheel remover! And because they are all 3D printed, one person can run two dozen printing machines nearly 24/7. How many cnc machines can a single tech run at a time? Skilled labor by far is the most expensive portion of a machined parts in the PWD niche.

3d Printed Pinewood Derby Tooling is here to stay

We have purchased numerous machines to continually print 12 hour cycles without stopping. We make all tools in house. I do not have to farm out anything. We have a continuous supply of printing material that never runs out. If a machine malfunctions, it is not the end of a tool making process. No jigs, no fixtures to change between tooling. Simply start the program on another machine.

We have 3d printers of all sizes to meet our manufacturing needs. We have 12 machines at the moment, will push it to 24 by mid summer. It is the future of manufacturing. Our main workhorses are the very popular and reliable QIDI line of machines. We operate the x-one2, x-maker, x-plus, and x-max series. We also will utilize The Original Prusa I3 MK3S for our jobs that need the best and most accurate finishes. Resin Printing will be some time in the summer as I have to build a vent hood system to pipe out the organics and not have the vapors destroy anything in the shop.

Check out our budget 3D tool pack. For $11 you can get tools needed to install, gap, and remove your wheels and axles. You can get a #44 drill bit and a 0 degree jig to make you you have PRECISE holes drilled in your BSA slots, and you can get a simple balance beam to measure and adjust your COG of your car.

And those that want more advance tooling, we offer more options when it is time to bring your game up a notch!

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