Mid America Pinewood Derby Wheels

Techs at Derby Dust made Mid America Pinewood Derby Wheels per request of many customers for the Mid America Derby.  Mid America Derby Race is one of the biggest annual races held in the US.  There is a division for everyone young and old, scout or sibling.  These wheels are designed to meet these needs of those that need a racing advantage.  Our Mid America Wheel is designed to meet the 2020 rule requirements for the Kid and Scout Division.

Derby Dust® Mid-America Wheel Specifications:

  • Mold Matched
  • Weight Reduced:  1.2-1.3 gram on average.
  • Outer Diameter:  1.171″ish
  • Fluting / beading removed
  • Trued Edge
  • Coned hub

An install / removal tool is a must in order to remove an installed wheel to keep from damaging it.

We highly suggest for this particular race that you do the following setup process to these wheels:



Mid America Rules

  • Only Official BSA Wheels are allowed (either new style & old style) all markings must be intact on the inside and outside of the wheel. You may use the Official BSA Colored wheels, fluting around the circumference of the wheel may be removed – all other markings must remain.
  • Outer wheel surface may be sanded, shaved, lathed or polished to remove any imperfections, true roundness, remove mold castings and burrs, but must not be reshaped in any way to minimize tread contact or alter aerodynamics.
    • The tread / contact surface must remain flat and parallel to the bore.
    • The width of the tread must not be less than 7.5mm
    • No removing or reducing the letters or spokes or drilling additional holes.
  • The following wheel modifications are NOT Allowed
    • No Rounding of the wheel treads – they must remain flat.
    • No Grooving, H-cutting, V-cutting, Crowing, Tapering or Dishing
    • No Altering the wheel profile
    • No Drilling sidewalls
    • No Filling of any wheel surface with any type of material
  • Officials will remove wheel(s) if lettering is not completely visible
  • Coning the hubs, truing the inside edge of the wheel, and removing the outer hub step down is allowed.
  • Wheel Bore treatment is allowed including polishing, sanding and / or tapping.
    • Wheel bores may not be filled and redrilled
  • There must be at least four wheels on the car, however it is not required that all four wheels make contact with the track surface – one wheel may be lifted from the track surface.
    • Each wheel must be mounted on an axle, on the outside of the car, on the side of the car.
    • Wheels may not be greater than 10 degree of an angle from the body of the car
    • Each wheel must be attached by an axle – no guide pins allowed
    • Wheels must be installed directly across from one another
    • Wheels may NOT be reversed – wheels must be run in standard position
    • Non-Dominant / Lifted wheels must meet wheel specifications