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Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx RSX


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The Pro Ultra-Lite Wheels weigh in at an amazing 1 gram each, and with 100’s of hours of testing on our track – B.S.A. Racing and a League Championships under their belt, you can be assured these are not just any lightened and weakened 1 race wonders. This set of wheels usually yield an increase of speed by reducing on average 0.03-0.04 seconds in time with properly tuned car. Listening to a set of these wheels run, you can tell they are in a league of their own!

Derby Worx® start with select mold number matched sets and C.N.C. machine them both inside and out to remove the maximum amount of mass from the wheel in all areas for maximum speed, but retain strength and durability. While the exterior of the wheel remains completely stock, all interior markings are removed.   They work well with all lubricants (graphite or racing oils) and feature a Reamed and Burnished hub bore for easier alignment and greater speeds,  plus both hub faces have been coned for greater friction reduction.

Set of x4 Wheels and axles

Don’t forget to polish the bores to make the wheels even faster.  Reduce friction and micro scratches!  DIY or Let us do it.


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Wheel Bores polished?

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Fastest Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx RSX

Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx RSX ad Axle Set.

Pro RS Racing Wheels

The Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx RSX come complete with 4 axles perfectly sized to the
bored hubs.

The Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx RSX are fantastic wheels for open competition races. These give you a super fast start and amazing straightaway speeds. The RSX wheels are precision machined wheels that are extremely light weight and gives you a super fast car with stock size axles. These wheels are completely machined from raw material not molded. This creates a perfectly balanced and symmetric wheel.

The RSX Wheel features our Patent-Pending Anti-Friction Inner Strip, A-Cad engineered design for perfect balance and precision machined from Delrin on a C.N.C. for exacting tolerance, the RSX Wheel is ready to run. Just add your choice of lubricant. Weight is only 1g.

Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Derby Worx RSX Specs:

Bore: 0.092″

Wheel Diameter: 1.200″

Hub Width: 0.190″

Tread Width: 0.017″

This wheel has a series of 24 holes precision machined to reduce the weight to .9g. A very fast wheel.

Set of 4 wheels and axles.

This is a Derby Worx wheel.



When designing your car, there are several key issues to consider that includes the efficiency of all the parts put together.  Using these known tricks will result in a fast pinewood derby car that looks and performs better. There are two most noteworthy factors.  A car with lighter speed wheels allow it go faster, however if the car is not aligned (tuned) then none of it really matters.

  • CNC lathe produce round and smooth wheels that will roll much faster than standard wheels
  • Weight reduction provides a faster start because of low start up inertia
  • Beveled hub design reduces the surface are friction of rubbing and braking when the wheel hub contacts the car body
  • These wheels allow for a greater top speed when compared to standard weight BSA wheels.


On a Builders NOTE…. You will need a set of pliers to pull the axles once installed. Because the wheels have been ligthend, you can no longer pull the axle out by the wheel. You will bend/warp out of round. Then the wheel will not roll correctly and you just wasted $$$. Please don’t let this be I told you so moment.

Stay Legal, know your Rules!

The rules of local events sometimes differ from those of BSA box rules. Due to this,  it is necessary to know your rules before choosing our unique modifications for your PWD car.  Each pack’s rules will be different. We ask before you make a purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.


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