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Derby Dust® offers the Fastest Best Pinewood Derby Car Graphite Dry Lube.  In compliance with standard BSA rules, the techs at Derby Dust® designed the ultimate Dry Lube for pinewood derby cars.  Then we furthered improved the graphite dry lube with a unique break-in process that works.  As a result, our customers break track records every year.  Plain and simple.  Our Feedback shows!

Reduce Friction

The purpose of adding lubricant is to reduce friction and add speed. The axle lube kit featured here allows you to burnish your axles with graphite, filling any small scratches in the metal and leaving behind a thin, slick film. For ultimate speed, check out DuPont’s pure Krytox®. If allowed by the local rules, this is the best lubricant available.

The key to gaining the fastest pinewood derby speed is using a successful graphite lube.  By building layers of graphite lube with our break-in process, racers will reduce friction between the plastic wheel and the metal axle. With reduced friction, the pinewood derby wheels will spin faster.  Therefore, the cub scout pinewood derby car will reach the that finish line quicker.

Winner’s Circle

If you are a pinewood derby car racer and have exhausted all avenues of pinewood car designs and weight adjustment for that much needed boost of speed, then you need to take advantage of this unique graphite dry lube now.