Pro Bore Wax

Pro Bore Wax


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Once your graphite lube has been raced off, there is no lubrication between your axle and wheel bore.  To ensure that you have an advantage, the more friction you can reduce will give you the advantage over the next racer.  Adding a wax to the bores, will provide that extra step in reducing friction.

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Pro Bore wax is the final step of wheel preparation and has shown to be a significant speed benefit in Pinewood Derby Car Racing. It leaves a very slick final finish that reduces what is called Stiction which is the starting friction for smooth, quick starts and faster overall runs further enhancing the performance of Krytox® GPL 100 racing oil for the ULTIMATE in Pinewood Derby PERFORMANCE!

Derby Worx has simplified this speed tip into a simple kit with our own blended Pinewood Derby Speed Wax along with a thin pipe cleaner for easy application and a thick  / fluffy pipe cleaner for finishing buffing to a slick / friction free gloss before lubing.

***Prepare your wheels to your rule set, polish and clean your hub bores first.  Bore waxing should be done as the final step before lubrication and assembly.

Wax Instructions

Apply a small bore Wax to the thin pipe cleaner and work it into the fibers not to leave any thick spots or clumps.

  1. Place in the wheel bore and gently apply the wax. The object is to get a  coat of wax on the hub bore and not wipe it out when removing the pipe cleaner.
  2. Allow 30 mins for the wax to cure to a haze.
  3. Use the thick pipe cleaner to buff out the hub bore to a slick shinny gloss.
  4. Remove any extra on the wheel with a Q-tip or soft rag before assembly.


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