Pinewood Derby Ultra Lite Car Body – Heart Breaker


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Derby Dust® tech’s utilize 7 Steps in making fast pinewood derby car kits.  Designed for minimum wood weight designed for maximum weight placement. Get your COG tricked out for ultimate performance. See Detailed pictures for More information. This body style will only work with HEAVY canopy weights.

Heart Breaker is a variation of our light weight pinewood derby car body that utilizes a canopy style weight that sits flush on top.  This variation can use either a tungsten or our custom lead heart canopy.  Coming in around 13 grams, wood is precisely removed to eliminate wheel rub, and overall wood weight while keeping a strut structure to keep strength.

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Ultralight Pinewood Derby Car – Heart Breaker  by Derby Dust®

Ultralight Pinewood Derby Car – Heart Breaker is our very own unique design.  Designed be light and structurally sound.    Coming in right around 13 grams in body weight and its own custom lead heart shaped weight canopy.  Lug holes provide if you do not want to use the heart shaped mold.  They do not make a tungsten mold with this shape.  Made from an official BSA block, we slice off a portion, plane to .25″ thickness and then laser cut the profile.

Ultralight Pinewood Derby Car – Heart Breaker are designed with minimum wood weight in mind.  We use simple, proven designs that will get you in the winner’s circle.  Since we remove a lot of the strength structure of the wood block, handle these bodies with care.  NO HAMMERING ever.  Because of this a #44 drill bit provided with each body to ensure easy proper axle install.  because of its thickness, a bent axle is utilized instead of a drilled high wheel.

About Ultralight Pinewood Derby Car

Made from an official BSA block, know Ultralight Pinewood Derby Canopy Car is always compliant with national rules because it utilizes the BSA Slots.   The rules of local events sometimes differ from those of BSA box rules. Due to this,  it is necessary to know your rules before choosing our unique modifications for your PWD car.  Each pack’s rules will be different. We ask before you make a purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.

We offer tungsten canopy and customized lead canopy to achieve maximum weight.  Design is based on the 7 principles of having a fast pinewood derby car.  This body covers the low profile, lightweight, aerodynamic design.  COG is infinitely adjustable.

Options for this Ultralight Pinewood Derby Canopy Car include:


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