Pinewood Derby Body Ultra Lite talon

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Pinewood Derby Body Ultra Lite talon


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Designed for minimum wood weight designed for maximum weight placement. Get your COG tricked out for ultimate performance.

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Rear Camber Axles

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Champion BSA LEGAL Bodies

We added a new category of bodies.  These are our super light weight bodies.  The are under 1oz.  Average weight seems to be around 20-21 gramsDesigned for minimum wood weight designed for maximum weight placement.  Get your COG tricked out for ultimate performance.

Designed for Canopy type weights.  if you need the lug hole, order that way.  Just know that the lug hole intersects the slots for proper placement.  Holes are designed for 3/16″ cube ballast.  Center Slot is .25″ in width, .19″ deep.  meaning 1/4″ cubes will hang lower just a bit.  No big deal.  Will still have 3/8″ clearance.
This body is crazy fast.  0.3″ thickness, just be careful not to stress it too much.
See Detailed images below for Dimensions.

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