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Pinewood Derby Graphite / Lubrication

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Pinewood Derby Graphite / Lubrication

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Pinewood Derby Graphite Lube

The purpose behind Pinewood Derby Graphite Lube is to make a car faster. What we want to do is reduce that kinetic and static friction forces. During the race, the wheel hubs will rub on the axles. You can manually reduce those friction forces through axle and wheel preparation. However, even if after you have properly prepared and polished your axles and wheels, there can still be more done to reduce friction. Choosing the best lube is the final step. Every millisecond adds up!

Since Pinewood Derby rules and regulations are set at the local level by the officials running the derby, it's always important to make sure that your car falls within those established rules. For Pinewood Derby lubricant specifications, some district or pack rules only allow the use of dry lubricants, in which case the best Pinewood Derby lubricant is often a graphite lubricant.

Graphite Dry Lube

Your scout rules will probably require that you use a dry lube. If so, use quality graphite, such as Derby dust® Dry Lube graphite powder. We must lubricate all friction points when installing wheels and axles. And then even take it further by “breaking-in” those parts. Most rules that I have read address this specifically: graphite or oil. This will tell you 2 things: what lube you need and what polish level your axles need to be at.

  • For graphite polish your axles at 3000 grit as the highest level.
  • Use a pure graphite blend with no additives
  • You cannot just “dust” a little graphite in the wheel hub and be done. You must pack the graphite tightly in the hub until the hub is completely packed full of graphite. If it’s not dirty, it’s not lubed. Here are the lube points
  • Race day- Be sure to dust your wheel bores one last time right before handing it in.
  • DO NOT graphite the outer tread of your wheel. Doing this not only makes the track dirty, it also reduces the needed friction to keep the wheels on the track. A super slick wheel surface only makes the car wobble more. Think of it like a drag car spinning out of control because the wheels do not grip the track surface.

Derby Dust Dry® Lube

Derby Dust® offers one of the best pure Pinewood Derby Graphite Lube on the market designed specifically for pinewood derby car events. In compliance with standard BSA rules, the techs at Derby Dust® designed the ultimate Pinewood Derby Graphite Lube for derby cars by utilizing high quality pure graphite blends. Using only pure graphite at different flake size, we ensure that every possible part of your metal axles and plastic wheel will be coated with graphite to reduce the static and kinetic friction forces. Reducing friction will make a faster car.

Then we furthered improved the graphite dry lube with a unique break-in process that works. As a result, our customers break track records every year. Plain and simple. Our Feedback shows!

Reduce Friction

The purpose of adding lubricant is to reduce friction and add speed. The axle lube kit featured here allows you to burnish your axles with graphite, filling any small scratches in the metal and leaving behind a thin, slick film. For ultimate speed, check out DuPont's pure Krytox®. If allowed by the local rules, this is the best lubricant available.

The key to gaining the fastest pinewood derby speed is using a successful graphite lube. By building layers of graphite lube with our break-in process, racers will reduce friction between the plastic wheel and the metal axle. With reduced friction, the pinewood derby wheels will spin faster. Therefore, the cub scout pinewood derby car will reach the that finish line quicker.

Winner's Circle

If you are a pinewood derby car racer and have exhausted all avenues of pinewood car designs and weight adjustment for that much needed boost of speed, then you need to take advantage of this unique graphite dry lube now.

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