Pinewood 1/4″ Wafer Block


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1/4″ish pine slab ready to make your Champion.  will never be less, will always be a tad bit more.

Blank, Slotted, Drilled.


In stock

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Pinewood 1/4″ Wafer Block

The basic starting point of all Pinewood cars is the body that, by the nature of the race, is made from pine.  This Pinewood 1/4″ Wafer Block is great for those that like to build their own stuff.  Planned, ready to race.  Comes as a blank, slotted, or drilled to your needs.  Many league cars begin as this block.  Shaped to the racers liking.

Pinewood 1/4″ Wafer Blocks are made from pine blocks from Woodgrain Millwork, Inc. (the same company that makes blocks for BSA).  I have almost unlimited supply of blocks now.  Kiln dried, stored in environmentally controlled climate storage, our wafer blocks are ready to make your Champion derby racer.  Reduced wood weight wafer blocks is one of the keys to gaining advantage over the next racer.

When trimmed down to 1/4″ thickness, a thin body creates an extremely aerodynamic car and thus allows you to place the majority of the car’s weight exactly where you need it in order to optimize the placement of the center of gravity. This means more speed.  A body alone does not make your car fast, but it is one of the covers 2 steps in creating your Champion Racer.

These blocks meet all BSA Pinewood Derby dimensional requirements:

  • 7″ long
  • 1¾″ wide
  • 1/4″ thick.

Drill axle holes with the Pro Body Tool or slot it with the Pro Body Slotter.

Bundle and save!  Don’t forget to add Pinewood Wheel Fenders Flares Fins!


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