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Pinewood Derby Pin Stripe Pinstriping – Big Number


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Custom pinewood Derby pin Striping with Racing Number

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Make your pinewood derby car unique with one of our custom racing stripes / number decals.

Made from Oracle 651 vinyl, this transfer sticker was specifically designed for pinewood derby car bodies.  Make it your own flare at home with our down loadable .dxf version as well for only $.99

Overall length of sticker is 8″ x 1.25″ wide.  Available in a few colors from us.

Decal comes weeded, with transfer tape applied, and instruction on how to transfer.  All you have to do is apply to a finished pinewood car.  Please note that paint needs to be 100% cure.  Our transfer tape is the industry’s best:  AT65 , however if you have a cheap clear coat, if your clear coat did not adhere properly, there is a chance that the transfer tape will peel that paint or strip the clear coat.

With this design, the number will be pretty much at the same place.  We will design some others that will have a little more play that will allow placement at different parts of the car.

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