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Fast Pinewood Derby Car Bodies (BSA compliant design)

We are taking Pinewood Derby to the next level by automating the production of all our car bodies. Computer carved pine block bodies with tolerances less than a width of a hair. Our pinewood derby techs knows that consistency is the key to making Derby Dust® car bodies better than others. This is not your Dad’s pinewood derby!

First of all, each body is CNC (computer numeric controlled) carved from the official BSA block. Therefore, every block is 100% compliant to BSA standards. We carry industry standard profiles along with our own unique designs. In addition to the standard beginner profiles, we offer the  experienced racer with profiles under 15 grams.  Finally, Derby Dust® carries a wide range of bodies depending on your desire of work.  As a result our bodies range from rough cut CNC bodies to race ready tuned bodies. Best of all, you choose what meets your needs. All designs are aerodynamic, low profiles, with desired COG’s.

As always, please check your local pack rules as they may differ from National’s rules. No need to get yourself left out of the yearly race.