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Fast Winning Pinewood Derby Car ®

Whether you are a first time Pinewood Derby builder or seasoned veteran, our site can help you. Let Derby Dust® help build your champion Pinewood Derby® car!

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Fast Pinewood Derby® Car Parts Supplies

  • Tungsten and Lead Pinewood weights
  • Pinewood Derby® Speed Axles – 100% BSA compliant.
  • Fast Pinewood Derby® Speed Weight Reduced Wheels
  • Unique Pinewood Derby® Car Body
  • Pinewood Derby® Tooling from Derby Worx®
  • Graphite and Krytox Lube
  • Pinewood Derby® Wheel Polish Kits

Pinewood Derby Car Accessories for Better Performance and Design

Derby Dust® opens the door to Cub Scouts to become undisputed champions of BSA or any other racing event. Just imagine a weight-balanced car made of high-quality pine blocks and paired with the best wheel sets along with colorful decals. It is only a subtle hint at what you are going to find among our pinewood derby car supplies.

Building a one-of-a-kind race winner requires pinpoint accuracy, meticulous attention to details, and tolerance. All these features are brought together within the unique designs of our pinewood derby car kits. Others keep claiming that speed is much more important than appearance. Derby Dust® is committed to busting such myths. With the help of our products, we prove that high performance can always be upgraded with a jaw-dropping design. At our store, you are provided with hundreds of accessories to add onto your car and tune your ride to the next level.

Pinewood Derby Cars for Sale

We offer all-in-one accessory kits for you to lead the list of Cub Scout Champions. Derby Dust® realizes the role of gravity, friction, air drag, and weight distribution in car speed improvement. The lighter your wheels, the more likely you come in first. When you buy pinewood derby kits at our store, you get:

  • Wide, drilled or standard wheelbase with CNC polished axles.
  • Treatment with graphite or Krytox lubricant to minimize undesired wheel contacts.
  • Various types of lightweight wheels including lathed, wet sanded, and factory ones.
  • Streamlined and balanced bodies with enhanced aerodynamics.
  • Dense weights, putties, and cylinders for the fastest speeds.
  • Stripes and decals for the distinctive visual effect.


Derby Dust® Offers Well-Thought-Out Car Designs

Keep in mind that proper weight distribution and accurate determination of the gravity center are about reaching a blistering speed of a car. Since extra add-ons may result in improper weight placement, it is recommended to use high-quality tungsten and lead pieces for this purpose.

Tips and Tricks used by the Pinewood Derby® Professionals

Derby Dust® utilizes near all tips and tricks with each part it manufactures.  Such as beveled axle heads, balanced car bodies, 3 wheel racing designs, weight reduced wheels, narrow body widths at the front to eliminate back wheels touching as you are riding the rail.  Be sure if it is something we can do, we incorporate it into the products already without charging extra. Let us help you get in the winner’s circle this year and many more to come.

Perfectly Primed to Win the Next Race

Before picking pinewood derby car kit parts, scouts must take a close look at the rules of the racing event they are going to participate in. At our store, you will find accessories, which are fully compliant with the BSA specifications. This means that Derby Dust® car kits are specially designed according to the length, width, and weight requirements of the largest scouting organization. However, the rules of local events sometimes differ from those of BSA. That is why it is necessary to learn them before choosing unique modifications for your PWD car.  Our custom shop is full of options as you will see.

It’s high time to join the winner’s circle. Buy pinewood derby cars at our store and get free shipping on orders over $75!

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