How to Make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car

How to Make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car

Fast Pinewood Derby Car Tips

Fast Pinewood Derby Car Tips is using modified parts from the kit.  With your automobile, you look for the best parts to increase speed and performance. The way different parts are made, shaped and finished all make a difference in your car’s performance.The same goes for a simple Derby Car.

  • Highly polished axles reduce speed
  • True, rounded wheels roll faster/better
  • Heavy Weights give a better
  • High Quality Lube

Derby car racing is a great way for kids to learn about mechanics and speed – and no different than your automobile, the parts make a big difference.  Put all the parts together and do not forget to tune steer your car to victory.

Derby Dust makes sure to carry only the finest derby car parts so your scout can have a great day at the track.
Every time.

Derby Dust carries Pinewood Derby Car Accessories to help make your car go fast!

Making a Fast Pinewood Derby Car? Pinewood Derby Wheels

To be the fastest it can be, your car needs the best wheels.

Wobbling and imperfections just slow you down, so Derby Dust hand-selects the best speed wheels for your derby car.
To get the most speed out of your derby car, you need a balanced, lightweight wheel that allows you to start quickly.
You also need a wheel that has been painstakingly polished so there are no imperfections.

Derby Dust sells 15 different kinds of Pinewood Derby Wheels, so you have a wide selection to choose from.

All are chosen to increase the speed of your car on race day.

Making a Fast Pinewood Derby Car? Pinewood Derby Axles

A smooth axle makes for a smooth ride.  And a smooth ride makes for a fast ride. Pinewood Derby Axles are consistently smooth and straight without imperfections.

All axles are polished, and racers can select the grit level, type of lube and sealing.
As with wheels, even the smallest imperfections can affect how fast your car is able to go, so it’s always good to make sure you’re finding the highest quality axles.

Alignment also is important for your best ride.
Derby Dust has 14 Pinewood Derby Axles for you to choose from and accessories to make sure you get the smooth ride you need.

How to Make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car – Pinewood Derby Car Body

All of the Pinewood Derby Car Bodies that Derby Dust carries are BSA compliant.
Selecting which one you like is a matter of taste.

Derby Dust carries Ladder Style, Rough Cut, Easy Tune, Finished, and X-Lite Pinewood Derby Car Bodies.
With this wide variety of bodies, you can customize your car to however you like it.

We make sure that you’re getting the highest quality body, and you choose the type that will work best with your wheels and axles to give you the fastest ride.

To get the best and fastest results, we carry aerodynamic and low profile bodies.
Pinewood Derby Car Accessories may be just what you need to win your next race.
The pace of your car depends on the parts you put in it, and how built those parts are for speed.

Derby Dust is committed to making sure you get the fastest parts for your Pinewood Derby Car, so we make sure to reduce those imperfections that can slow you down.

We test all of the products ourselves to make sure that they’re good enough for you.


Happy racing!

 Tuning a Fast Pinewood Derby Car




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