Pinewood Derby Town Car

Pinewood Derby Town Car

New for 2023-2024 season are well thought of car body designs. We will be doing roughly a dozen body designs this year. Designed by Derby Dust techs with racing and winning in mind. Each is designed so that they can be used for rail riding with cambered wheels and skirt relief from the rail so that the body never touches the rail underneath the car if you choose to make that setup. The use of this body does not make your car fast. This particular design took 13 hours print.

Pack Rules are King

Nothing has been offered like this in the past, so we are not 100% sure of what you local pack may think. Please ask and check your rules. This car body can not be made to race without the use of YOUR pine block. It is an artistic attachment to a pinewood derby block. We suggest that you do not glue your body kit down until inspection to ensure that you can provide a race car if they deem it not acceptable.

Ready for your Cubber to finish

We are choosing to leave this car body grey in color. We do not paint bodies. All prints will be shipped “raw” and require finishing by the buyer. This is a 3D printed item. Designed for PLA, however the engine block would look 100% perfect with a SLA/Resin print.

With the PLA / FDM print the process introduces small variations in the surface of the object that makes each one special and unique. You will need to finish the look. Some surfaces require “supports” during the printing processes. These will show up on the surface as rough texture. We do our best to minimize these structures, however it is impossible to not use them. We do our best to keep the structures limited to underneath the car body for best possible finish. Use wood putty/body filler to mask them if you desire.

PLA is very likeable plastic. It accepts any type of filler if you want to smooth out the layer lines. ONLY WET SAND PLA. DO not use sandpaper directly on the raw plastic without adding the process. Once primer coat of paint is added, the use of water is no longer needed. You can spray paint it. It will accept acrylic paints. We suggest. 3 coats of primer, with sanding in between, followed by 3 coats color with an enamel finish.

This is simply a body kit.  The pine block must be incorporated.  

This 3D printed body will be applied to YOUR wood block. Predrill your axle slots / holes. Cut your wood block to 1/4″ in width. Sand smooth and our 3d printed pinewood derby body will fit right on. That’s it for wood work. Mark your wood for some additional sanding contouring to make a custom proper fit to the body,

Car body will be within parameters of the official BSA instructions that come in the box. Some designs will run the block in reverse configuration. These will be noted.

  • Wheelbase is Standard BSA wheelbase
  • 7″ in length, 2.5″ in width
  • Car body weighs approx. 1.75oz in weight
  • Additional weight will be required to bring your car to proper racing weight
  • Buyer must finish
  • wood block, wheels, axles NOT INCLUDED unless otherwise stated

Get your STL file here
Get your 3D Printed Body here

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