Coned Pinewood Derby Wheel DIY

Want to Coned Pinewood Derby Wheel DIY?  Thinking outside the box, Derby Dust techs came up with a way to allow EVERYONE to cone the hubs of their pinewood derby wheels in minutes with little effort other than time.

One tool does it all.
Cone the front of your hub for reduced friction.
Flip your wheel around and true the inner hub with the same tool.
Best of both worlds in one pinewood derby tool.

We took a proven working concept of the Derby Worx Pro Hub Shaver, modified it and then simply use it is designed.

Instead of the shaver cutting straight edges, it now cones the hubs!  We sent Bill the prototype, he sent his blessings for us to modify and sell them. 4x wheels can be done in less than 10 minutes with no experience needed.

After shaping them with the Shaver, you will need to polish the imperfections out.  Our wheel polish kit is a great choice for doing this. 

Why coned head?  Coned head, minimizes surface contact with a straight axle head.
Reducing friction, allowing for a faster, smoother roll of the wheel.  If it didn’t work, then no one would use them.

After using the tool, the hubs will now be trued to the real alignment of the bore of the coned wheel, thus you have a better racing wheel to give you a wheel advantage when compared to the next racer.

As shown in the video, the Pro Hub Shaver requires the use of the Pro Hub Tool in order to work properly.

The wheel bore will be aligned with the cutting edge, thus making a trued hub to bore alignment.

You can also flip the wheel over and true the inner hub as well!

Coned Pinewood Derby Wheel DIY on the following wheels:

  • BSA Wheel – Will cone the outer and inner hub
  • Awana Wheel – Will cone the outer and inner hub  Highly suggest it for the inner hub as this new wheel has horrible inner hub.
  • Pinecar Wheel – Will cone the outer hub, the inner hub is a little larger than the cutting surface.  The extra plastic can be removed with a lite wet sand.  its doable, but requires a little more effort.


Exclusive from Derby Dust.  Get yours here: 



How To Cone Pinewood Derby Hubs Without A Lathe