Mini Pinewood Wheel Shaver

Pinewood Wheel Shaver Mini

Mini Pinewood Wheel Shaver

Mini Pinewood Wheel Shaver – make your wheels perfectly round and concentric with the axle bore.  In addition to making the stock wheels round, this stops any wasted energy from wheels because they are not turning true to each other.    In addition, out of round wheels ride as though the track itself is bumpy, robbing your car of speed. Be sure to check all parts of a wheel because even a perfectly round wheel on the outside can have an off-center bore.

Need to know what to do to make a Speed wheel?  Click here to find out what to know about pinewood derby wheels.

The pinewood shaver corrects for that. It also corrects any unevenness along the inside edge of the wheel where it contacts the center rail.  This manual lathe type tool allows you to make great racing wheels at an affordable price.

Does your pack’s rule state that no wheels can be turned on a lathe or machined?

This is the tool for you to ensure round concentric wheels.  It only takes a few minutes to process a set of pinewood wheels for a quick and easy speed boost.  Simply slide the wheel onto the axle stub and squeeze the wheel shaver until the blade begins to contact the wheel.  Continue squeezing lightly as you rotate the wheel, removing light shavings of plastic from the wheel.

The Mini Pinewood Wheel Shaver is designed to only remove the proper amount of material and will bottom out on itself, preventing the blade from cutting to deep.  This way all 4 wheels will be shaved to the same diameter.  Therefore, it will make derby wheels faster.

Wheel shaver is made from premium 3D printed materials and assembled right here in the USA.  Above all, the included blade will last through many sets of wheels.  However, it can be reversed to double the life.   Replacement blades can be found at your local hardware store!  Instructions are included.

In conclusion, need a custom wheel that you can’t find at a retail store?  This Wheel Shaver is the tool you need to make it your self.  Just takes a bit of time.  Derby Dust offers the shaver paired with a wheel measuring tool to ensure you are always complaint with your pack’s rules.


Buy the Pinewood Wheel Shaver Mini With Measuring Gauge here


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