Pinewood Wheel Sealant Bore

Pinewood Wheel Bore Sealant

Pinewood Wheel Sealant Bore

Pinewood Wheel Sealant Bore is the last step in wheel prep for that Derby dad who needs the extra edge to a race.  Factory and reamed wheel bores contain minute (small) scratches, ridges and rough spots that create friction and decreases the car’s racing speed.  Polish smooth with our wheel polish kit then go the extra step and seal the polish job.  This polish will smooth the wheel bore to reduce friction and make your car go faster.  This is an overnight job.  Got to let the sealant do it’s job!

Once your graphite lube has been raced off, there is no lubrication between your axle and wheel bore.  To ensure that you have an advantage, decrease friction even more by sealing your polished bores.  Bore sealant is the step up after polishing the bores smooth and prior to lube.  The more friction you can reduce will give you the advantage over the next racer.

This stuff is super slick once it has cured.  Amazing what it does.  It is not a wax, it is a synthetic sealant.  Less is more and this bottle will do at least 100 wheels if not more.

10ml bottle, set of 12x pipe cleaners (if you cut in half will do a LOT of wheels)

***Prepare your wheels to your rule set, polish and clean your hub bores first.  Bore waxing should be done as the final step before lubrication and assembly.


Wheel bore Sealant Instructions

Apply a small bore wax to the thin pipe cleaner and work it into the fibers not to leave any thick spots or clumps.  DO NOT APPLY TO THE WHEEL BORE… only apply to the cleaner.  If you add a drop to the wheel bore, just makes a giant mess that will take longer to dry.

  1. Prepare your wheels for sealing.  Polish the bores prior to sealing for fastest results.  DO NOT try to apply sealant to wheels that already have graphite on them.  Sealant needs to go on raw plastic.
  2. Take your pipe cleaner (provided) and blow on it vigorously with compressed air to remove any residual fuzzies.  This will also increase the volume of the pipe cleaner to ensure adequate application surface.
  3. Apply the sealant to the piper cleaner.  3-4 drops should be adequate to start with.  Apply as additional drops as needed between wheels.
  4. Gently tread the pipe cleaner through the wheel bore and gently apply the wax. The object is to get a  coat of wax on the hub bore and not wipe it out when removing the pipe cleaner.  BE SURE TO NOT SCRATCH the bore with the metal core of the pipe cleaner.
  5. Wait 15 minutes for a semi cure.  Apply a burst of compressed air to the wheel bore to blow out any extras that you can’t see
  6. Allow 30 mins for the wax to cure to a haze.
  7. Use the pipe cleaner to buff out the hub bore to a slick shinny gloss.
  8. THEN WAIT 10 hours…Yes a long wait time!
  9. Remove any extra on the wheel with a cotton swab prior to assembly and lube.

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