One of the key steps in making your Champions is turning those ugly BSA nails into race worthy axles.  Having the right tools makes this job a very easy process. Enough stuff in here to do quite a few axles.

Once your graphite lube has been raced off, there is no lubrication between your axle and wheel bore.  To ensure that you have an advantage, the more friction you can reduce will give you the advantage over the next racer.  Polishing axles to a finer, mirror like surface will reduce friction.

Everything needed to POLISH axles.  First step to polishing is straightening out your axles.  Please don’t forget this step.  Straighten axles with a Pro Axle Press.


Pinewood Axle Polishing Kit Parts

  • Wet Dry Sandpaper 400-10000 grit
  • Barrette Axle File – Fine Cut, 5 1/2″ in length
  • Derby Dust Final Axle Polish 1 gram
  • Heavy Duty Cotton String to apply Final Polish
  • Strip of white T-shirt to clean off residue of Final Polish
  • Strip of Lemon Pledge wipe to seal the axle for graphite racing.


Although we would love to own every video in the Pinewood Derby World, we find that some people just have it done right from time to time.

Most stop at 3K grit.  However there are a few that like to take it as high as they can go.


How to Video for Polishing Pinewood Derby Axles


Polishing a Pinewood Derby Axle

Thanks for the video.

We will help make you famous.

Please read his description as we agree that he should have started off with 400 grit Pinewood Axle Sand Paper first.