Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7

Our light weight Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7 with Tungsten Dome is constantly being innovated and improved by the expert techs at Derby Dust®. Most of all we like to bring a few new body styles into the market every year.

Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7 is designed to mimic the style of the extended wheelbase #4 Canopy Car.

We are so excited about the body design, we are showing the design before production.

Here is our new design Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7 with tungsten canopy setup.

The body design, weight placement, center of gravity, alignment and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance.

Along with utilizing BSA Slots know it will always be legal with any pack, district, or council races.


Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7
Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7

The Design Concept Behind This Pinewood Derby Car

It’s scientifically proven that aerodynamics plays a huge role in the speed of a Pinewood Derby car. This body is cut to little over  ¼” thick for extreme aerodynamics and greater speed.  Waste wood is precisely removed to eliminate wheel rub and wood weight while keeping enough to keep strength.

There are plenty of weight pockets on the bottom to change the COG of your build.

Derby Dust® techs CNC bodies are the lightest weight,  profile designs on the market!

We utilize 4x state of the art CNC routers dedicated to solely to create the fastest and lightest cut Pinewood Derby cars.

This body style offers wheelbase of BSA slots or precision drilled axle holes at BSA distance.  If you would like extended wheelbase, please take a look at Canopy #4.  Offered as an ultra light pinewood derby body, we will also offer this in one of our super face pinewood derby car kits.

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