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Derby Dust 3D Print Lab

Derby Dust 3D Print manufacturing is represents the absolute cutting edge in technology. With boundless potential applications this thrilling technological innovation has a bright future and is certainly here to stay.  It’s no longer a thing for the super technical.  It’s no longer the “hackers” hobby niche.

The machines that are on the market today are not the same machines that came out 5 years ago.  3D FDM (or fused deposition modeling) software is more powerful, easier to use,  faster, profoundly more efficient than it has ever been.  Complex designs can be printed with a single machine, with little to no technical expertise.

I decided from being in PWD niche for nearly 8 years now is that there are certain things that need to be done to have a winning design.
There was NOT tooling currently on the market that makes this happen.
I wanted to offer a tooling package that would be affordable, multi-purpose, and that I could make in house.

With the help of our team, we have accomplished those goals and have gone beyond with the addition of our Derby Dust 3D Print Lab.

How does Derby Dust 3D Print Lab  help me?

I am proud to announce that I have invested heavily into 3D printing in 2020.  3D printing is the future of manufacturing.  And Derby Dust is going to be a part of that process.

I am excited because 3D printing does not require expensive consumable shop supplies.
It does not require $250K CNC machines.
It does not require loans, doesn’t not require insurance.
3D printing doesn’t require a vast knowledge of cutting speeds, tool geometry, order of operations.

With 3D printing, you simply take an idea, design it, print it, try again if it fails.  With 3D printing, you are out very little in expenses.
You can go from prototype to full blown manufacture in just a few days.
Days are gone where you have to wait for new tooling to arrive to try make new versions of the initial concept.
3D printing is simply an amazing manufacturing process.

What is our Goal for Printing?

What this means to you is that I can design, and print tooling at a fraction of the costs.  We have purchased numerous machines to continually print 12 hour cycles without stopping.  We make all tools in house.  I do not have to farm out anything.  We have a continuous supply of printing material that never runs out.  If a machine malfunctions, it is not the end of a tool making process.   No jigs, no fixtures to change between tooling.  Simply start the program on another machine.

We have 3D printers of all sizes to meet our manufacturing needs. We have 12 machines at the moment, will push it to 24 by mid summer. This is the future of manufacturing.

Our main workhorses are the very popular and reliable QIDI line of machines.
We operate the x-one2, x-maker, x-plus, and x-max series.
We also utilize The Original Prusa I3 MK3S for our jobs that require the finest, most accurate finishes.

Resin Printing will be some time in the summer as I have to build a vent hood system to pipe out the organics and not have the vapors destroy anything in the shop.

With the help of Troy and my Son, we have designed and manufactured new exciting products for the Pinewood Derby Niche using our Derby Dust 3D Print Lab.
Simple tools, simple idea brought to life, made here in the USA.

Outside of Pinewood Derby

We also are expanding into other niches such as ADL gadgets used for getting back to normal life after TBI/Stroke/Accident/Genetic Disabilities.  Troy is designing gadgets and gear for the Vision Impaired/Blind.

We are even looking at table top gaming products!
The sky is the limit and we’re shooting for the moon!
Our machines can run relentlessly for hours without skipping a beat.
Our current longest print project is 41 hour program.  These machines are work horses!

If you have a product that needs manufacturing or an idea that needs designed prototype, drop us a message and we will be glad to discuss things with you.

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