Everyone in Pinewood Derby please take notice.  Amazon is placing holds on all inbound shipping from all sellers in all corners of retail from food to pinewood derby.  Please review the following statement from Amazon.


Because of this we are no longer allowed to ship inventory to AMAZON PRIME as of July 24th.  As no seller understands how Amazon comes up with this inventory number, we are very uncertain if we will be able to ship items into Amazon for the 2020-2021 season.  We will still sell on this platform via fulfilled by merchant (us), however our products might not be available for PRIME shipping.

Amazon Sellers are very stressed out right now as a lot of us depend on Holiday Sales to pay the bills and we are very uncertain if we will be able to stock inventory to fulfill our business needs.  We have literally tens of thousands of items we would like to send to Amazon and now we can’t

As a merchant, I ask that you plan very far ahead this year.  Order soon.

future of PRIME

future of PRIME