Pinewood Underside Glow Lights

Pinewood Under Glow Lights

Pinewood Underside Glow Lights

Pinewood Underside Glow Lights is easy to install. A fully assembled LED light kit features 2 LED light strips of 5 blue and white lights. Additionally, there’s 3 separate display modes to satisfy even the most discerning model car enthusiast: Fast blink, slow blink and solid.

We designed the Pinewood Underside Glow Lights Kit to install easily. Assemblage simply requires a drill, 1 1/8″ paddle drill or forstner bit, 3/16″ & ¼” standard drill bits and some super glue. It’s that easy. One, two, three and Bob’s your uncle.

The total weight of this light kit is 0.35 oz.  Minimal overall weight allows you to still maximize COG.

Pinewood Under Glow Lights Kit Installation Steps

  1. Remove battery shipping tab and test lights. The on/off button is indicated by the symbol on the case.
  2. Find the center between the axles on the underside of your car body. The light strips will go between the wheels.
  3. Third, find the center of the car width wise and make a mark where the 2 lines intersect.
  4. On the underside of your pinewood block,  measure towards the rear of the car 7/8″ from the mark and make a second make,. This is where the module will be installed.
  5. Next, place the block in a vice, using either a 1 1/8″ paddle bit or forstner. Then drill a hole 3/8″ deep for the module.
  6. After that cut a slight relief in the rear of the module hole so the wires will lay relaxed. Caution: a wood carving knife or rotary tool can be used for this process, always wear safety glasses and use adult supervision.
  7. Seventh, insert the module and gently curve the wires to place the Pinewood Underside Glow Lights strips in the recommended position. Centered between the wheels near each edge.
  8. Subsequently, remove the adhesive backing on the LED strips and carefully apply them to the bottom of the car.
  9. Ninth, apply the clear, vinyl underside decal to secure your light kit. Start in the center and work outward gently forming the decal over the LED lights. Then wire the lights to secure them to the bottom of the car. Finish by wrapping the decal over the sides to insure it is all locked together. Since its a clear material, it will not hide any paint or decals. NOTE: Do not race your car without the underside decal in place. This prevents damage to the lights and safeguards against race fouling.
  10. Lastly, replace the battery: Lithium CR 2032

How to install video

PWD Under Glow Kit Install Video

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