Pinewood Derby League Car – Model A

Pinewood Derby League Car - Model A

Pinewood Derby League Car Kit- Model A Entry Level

After many requests, we now offer a few proven designs of league racing cars.  These cars are designed after all the adult pinewood derby racing leagues.  Tech’s at Derby Dust have packaged lightweight wafer cars with aerodynamic fins to reduce drag.  This entry level league car is a great start at getting that needed advantage on a competitive track.

What’s in the Pinewood Derby League Car Kit

This entry level league kit comes with all the needed things to make a quick and easy car.

Installation is a breeze because we designed it that way. Fins, prefabricated car body, wheelbase, axles, and wheels of choice based on your pack’s rule set.

This kit is ready to roll with a minimal effort from your scout.

Laser cut, cnc polished race ready axles, and lathed turn wheel will get you the speeds needed to compete for placing.

Aerodynamic Fins (Aero Fins)

All league cars have aero fins to reduce air drag caused by the wheels.

When .001″ matters, this is a quick way to gain that.

Each balsa fin section is 2 parts in order to give proper track clearance.

We made them this to ensure that first time builders give will not have “fin rub” on the track as you are rail riding.

This method ensures that everyone can make Pinewood Derby League Car right the first time.

You will need to glue them together with glue of choice.
We like Elmer’s white glue.
Made with balsa wood, as such these fins are very light in weight and density.
Thus can easily be sanded and shaped to desired finish.

Overall thickness of each fin is 3/8″ when added to the 1.75″ body give is a total overall thickness of 2.5″ in width.



Pinewood Derby League Car - Model A
2 part fins gives 1/8″ clearance from body


Model A League Car Body

The Model A League Car body is a 1/4″wafer plank that we’ve fashioned from kiln dried ponderosa pine. We have included in this kit 2 expertly engineered pockets calibrated for proper final weight adjustments: we’ve situated the first pocket on the underside of the car in front and positioned the second pocket behind the rear axle.

We here at Derby Dust offer the Model A League Car body in BSA Slot or BSA Drilled wheelbases. However, the Model A League Car Body is not currently offered with an extended wheelbase.
Setup for the car can be run as a rail rider, straight shooter, 3 or 4 wheels touching.

Weight Options for Model A League Car Body

Additionally, there are two weight options for this body. One when the flat canopy is chosen and the other when tungsten cubes are more your style.

Moreover, the flat canopy has an incredibly low profile with a total height of less than 3/16″ which sits on top of the car.
If tungsten cubes are chosen, the body will have 2 weight pockets to ensure the absolute fastest possible COG.
Underneath the car is beautifully handcrafted and adorned with 2 veneer strips of the choicest wood.

Having said that please take into account that the Model A car might not be the best car for your track or build level.
Please take into account how comfortable you are with PWD knowledge prior to purchasing.

The team here at Derby Duster has thought of everything. All the parts you’ll need for this build are included with this classic derby racer. The setup and build is where the real fun begins and that’s what will propel you over the finish line.

As always we offer many exciting and affordable upgrades including axle polishing, wheel weights and finishes as your pack allows.

For those that like to DIY, please check out our line of racing lubes and polishing. 

As always if you have any questions, please TEXT or Email us. I would love to hear from each and everyone of you.

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