Final Derby Axle Polish

Derby Axle Final Polish

Final Derby Axle Polish

Final Derby Axle Polish is the newest addition at gaining more pinewood derby speed by reducing friction.  This addition is outside of our KISS method.  However, we added Final Axle Polish as more of our customers have become comfortable with building cars.  USE paste after wet sanding, this extra bit of polishing reduces friction even more.

Benefits of Final Axle Polish

  • Derby Dust’s Final Axle Polish brings a mirror shine to your axles.
  • Experts agree that the better the axles are polished the faster the car will go.
  • Final Axle Polish will allow you to create optimized axles for top speeds.
  • You should use Final Axle Polish after your wet sand your axles.  Application entails using a super fine 0.25 micron diamond abrasive in a paste suspension, which is applied in a burnishing technique.
  • Your typical application takes 30 seconds per axle.
  • Once your graphite lube has been raced off, there is no lubrication between your axle and wheel bore.
  • To ensure that you have an advantage, the more friction you can reduce will give you the advantage over the next racer.
    Polishing axles to a finer, mirror like surface will reduce friction. Wet sanding can only do so much.  If you need a step up in a competitive pack, this is the next step. 1 ml of paste will do plenty of axles.  Should be good enough for 5+ sets (20×) of axles.

Instructions for Polishing Paste

  1. First things first, place axle in drill exposing the portion to polish and turn it on.
  2. Next, rub a liberal amount of Final Axle Polish on a new strip of provided cotton string
  3. Slide string back and forth on axle shaft and inside of nail head.  Also, make sure to polish the portion of the shaft on which the wheel will spin, and then polish the underside of the axle head.
  4. Apply to axle for 15 second.
  5. Repeat with same axle with a clean strip of the provided t-shirt material.
  6. Then repeat with remaining axles.
  7. Lastly, clean axles thoroughly with alcohol if sealant (Pledge–for graphite, Dupont Chainsaver for oil or other advance sealants) is available.  Otherwise leave it on as a temporary protection from rust.

Visit our dedicated pinewood derby axle page


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