Pinewood Axle Drill Jig

Pinewood BSA Slot Drill Guide

Pinewood Axle Drill Jig

Pinewood Axle Drill Jig the best Axle Drill guide we offer.  Use the key for BSA slots for perfect axle alignment.  Omit the key if you are using a block without slots.  Slightly over sized because we know there are rarely any blocks perfectly 1.75″ in width.  Make sure to register the same side against the Guide when not using key for drilling.   Use pin vise for years of use.  Can be used with drill with ease.

  • 3 degree rear camber
  • 0 degree
  • Drill High Wheel
  • #44 Drill bit included

The BSA Slot Problem…

Pinewood Axle Drill Guide is the solution to a 80 year old problem!  How does a builder place axles in the slots without breaking wood?  So I make about 25 cars bodies a day and a lot of people ask me to pre-drill slots.  It was a hit an miss thing to accurately  drill into the slots.  Even with the fancy $150 drill guides, I can never be 100% certain I was dead on center of the slot.  Just never could visualize the correct alignment.

In the past, I have to use 2 guides to make a 3 wheel rider because of the high wheel.  It is such a pain in butt.  I have to be sure to start with the right drill jig and then remember to finish the high wheel with another jig.

I always wanted to be able to drill rear camber at 3, drill straight 0 degrees for steer, then have a high wheel with a single jig, clamping it in the same manner, with only having to mark

And why does it matter?  Well simply because if you are off, then the size of the hole is the drill bit plus the slot.  Makes for loose axles.   Sometimes I was way off, and had to remake a entire body to fix my mistake.  I hate wasting time.  What I also found is that the guide portion of the drill was not long enough to keep the bit straight for the 3 degree camber.  No more worries!


Solving the Age old Problem with a single jig…  One Step by Step

Starting in 2015, we started providing a #44 a drill bit for every single car body that we sold for the reason that we did not want you to mess up the slots by hammering.  We kept trying to provide the best solutions for a common problem.  Busted axle slots.  We knew that the drill bit was a partial fix to overall problem.

We provided YouTube videos  on how to better drill the slots with the current tools on the market to keep busted axle slots from happening.
Our solution is currently a well known technique in solving the problem utilizing The Derby Worx Pro Axle guide.  But we still knew it was a work around, not the fix.

The Drill Jig to eliminate Busted Axle Slots

With the power of 3D printing we mated the two popular pinewood derby tools and came up with the perfect tool to pre-drill axle slots for axles.  I promise you will 100% accurately correctly drill you axle slot every single time, perfectly.

We are the first to market.  I am 100% certain others will copy, but just let you know we were the FIRST.

We are so confident that these are successful, we have purchased at total of 7x 3D printers to make inventory for 2021 Derby Season because we have to print of 20,000 hours of inventory!


If your slot is not perpendicular to your body, its not going to fix that.  You will need a NON keyed drill guide such as the Derby Worx Pro Body Tool 2 to fix this error.    This simply drills your slots so that you do not bust your axle slots.  This is a solution that many desire.

Derby Dust ZERO degree Drill Guide for BSA Axle slots is the perfect and only tool you should now use to drill axle slots.

Made of environmentally friendly PLA plastic, this tool can be used over and over.

We have no problems drilling 25+ cars on a single jig  Included is a #44 drill bit for perfect axle install.  Drills a perfect .086″ diameter hole for your BSA axle every single time!

Just need something to help drill your BSA slots at zero degrees?

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