Pinewood Wheel Hub Shaver

The Pro Hub Shaver is a Specialty Tool designed to prepare the outer hub face of a Pinewood Derby Car Wheel by lightly shaving off any molding marks or minor imperfections that may promote friction. On B.S.A. wheels, Pinewood Wheel Hub Shaver will remove the step perfectly for reduced friction and improved performance.

Possibly the most over looked tool on the market right now.  Nearly 10 years into the wheel molds, nearly every wheel has some sort of flaw.  We offer 2 versions of this Hub Shaver.  One that cuts flat and one that cones the outer hub.

Most common flaw to date that will cause wheel wobble will be the uneven outer hub.  Flaws caused by the 3 mold injection as seen as a line that goes through the entire hub. Excessive heat and regrind impurities will cause simple mold blistering.  Best possible performance by removing wheel imperfections.

Pictured are two factory flaws that are pretty common even with the “best” of molds. This uneven surface causes uneven rotation, which translates to wheel wobble.  You are in luck, there is a DIY tool that will fix this.  The Derby Worx Pro Hub Shaver.

Derby wheel hub flaw

pinewood derby wheel hub flaw



Pinewood Wheel Hub Shaver makes the job Easy

Derby Dust resurfaced this hub for a smooth, flat,  parallel surface to the bore.

We also widen the overall diameter than just a smudge to ensure that the head of the axle does not rub against the wheel.

Note the lower step of the hub is never in contact with the axle other than at the inner bore.

The only part that matters is the upper step of the hub.

Below is what we do with our CNC lathes.  It can be mimicked with the Pro Hub Shaver.




The Derby Worx Pro Shaver is that tool that will clean up these factory flaws.