Best Pinewood Derby Wheels molds post Summer 2018

Best Pinewood Derby Wheels

Best Pinewood Derby Wheels

Hello All.  Just a quick update about the subject of Best Pinewood Derby Wheels.  I just processed 2000 wheel sets purchased from  They do have the new labeling.  Wheels seem to be same production as before.  When compared to previous mold benchmarks.  So hard to say if it is a new batch of wheels or if its an old batch that has been relabeled.  Results are as followed.

For you to have the Best Pinewood Derby Wheels, you need to start with a good foundation.  I did not go into great detail in measurements of overall diameter, run out, etc.  I machine all acceptable wheels.  For me to measure is futile and someone else who might be bored enough to do it can go for that post.

Out of 2000 sets or 8000 wheels, I simply grabbed a handful of wheels from the buckets.  8000 wheels takes roughly 5 hours for 1 person to separate.  I chose to rate Best Pinewood Derby Wheels into 3 different sections for my purpose.  The new gold standard that customers are expecting is a wheel that does not wobble.  In the past, it was simple.  As the mold gets older, it has become a little more difficult to produce an aftermarket Speed Wheel that will meet customer standards.

Good mold =  sample size 20 random wheels, 1 or less wobble

Spin mold = sample size 20 random wheels says its not really clear for these molds.  These molds each wheel needs to be hand spun with no exceptions.

Bad mold = sample size 20 random wheels nearly every wheel wobbles.

Good Molds Hand Spin Molds Bad Molds

1,3, 4, 5,8,10,11,15,16
*8, 11 molds have very rough wheel edge

2,6,7,9,13 12,14

Pinewood Derby Wheel Hubs

All wheels will need some sort of Hub Dressing as nearly every mold has some sort of flaw.  See this post for more info:  

pinewood derby hub flaws

Best Pinewood Derby Wheels will all have to have the outer bore addressed in some sort of fashion.  The molds either have the seam present, or have some sort of cooling, mold release trash that will cause wobble.  If a lathe is not available, I highly suggest using the Derby Worx Pro Hub Shaver to clean up the hub.  Either completely remove it or clean up the upper step to make it smooth.

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