Pinewood Derby Car Precision Block

 Pinewood Derby Car Precision Block

 Pinewood Derby Car Precision Block
Pinewood Derby Car Precision Block

Derby Dust has just taken Pinewood Derby Racing to the next level. We take an original BSA (Boy Scouts of America) block, flip it upside down and mill (not saw) two new axle slots. Because of our unique clamping system, we are able to mill axle slots that perfectly square with each individual body. And the results will show that this is key to building a successful and fast pinewood derby car.


Why does this matter?

This will ensure that your wheels point in the best possible position, which is straight ahead down the track.

Watch the process, see the results. Less tuning times. Straighter running cars. A must for those guys that can’t have canted wheels or that have to have four wheels touching the track at a price that won’t bust the bank! Get a FULL block, not a 1⁄4″ strip piece of wood.

Want it drilled? We can do that too. And not with some mini drill press. We do it with a precision micro mill. Why? Because it MATTERS!

Then if you would like, you can have it pre-weighted.

Thinking outside the box, Derby Dust now offers milled/pre-weighted blocks. No need worrying about how to make the weight work. Simply make your design fit around the perfectly placed weight of our pre-weighted blocks. No additional weight will need to be purchased.

  • Current Block weight weight weighs around 7.2 oz
  • Depth of weight is approx 1⁄4″
  • COG If made into a simple wedge, the center of gravity is approx 3⁄4″ – 1″ in front of rear axle (your design will change that)
  • Weight: Soft Lead (supplied and formed to weight pocket).

Once the car is completed, simply drill excess weight out of the front weight pocket to bring it to weight.

You will need to glue it in place prior to race day.

Foil Tape provided to cover exposed lead for those packs that require it.

New to 2013-2014 PWD. Drilled Sots. TO make it easier to install your AXLES, we will pre-drill your BSA slots with #44 drill. This will eliminate the need for an axle install guide. Same a few bucks. Make it easier to install your wheels. No need to worry about misaligned axles!

Types Of Wheel Base

Standard BSA Block

Drilled Std BSA Distance

Extended Wheelbase

3 Wheel bodies also available.


Pinewood Derby Precision Cut Block

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