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Final Polish for Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

FIRST YOU HAVE TO WET SAND YOUR AXLES!!!!! After you have wet sanded your axles, get that mirror polish with this compound. Use a drill and provided clean t-shirts strips to bring those axles to a mirror finish. More than enough to do a dozen axles. 1 Gram of 2 micron heavy concentration diamond polish. We use it on our axles!

Pictured is a Bulk syringe.

White T-Shirt Strips are provided. Also anti-rust strip to make sure that your axles don’t rust while in storage. No need to go and tear up that old t-shirt. We provided 2x strips for all your needs.

For the highest possible shine, polish your axles with our custom made 2 Micron diamond finish paste. We know whats in it because we make it our selves. It is considered a “heavy” concentration meaning there is more diamond powder than the standard grade.

Polishing Instructions

How to use the paste. Always were safety glasses !!!!!

  1. Use a drill attached to a solid surface. I do not like Dremels because the RPM is too high and will burn your polishing compound. I do not like drill press because the approach is incorrect and you run the chance of injuring yourself. Also, drill press usually has more HP than a hand drill and it can hurt you if you run into any problems.
  2. Chuck an axle into the tool. You want to have the all the sanded portion of the axle exposed plus a little bit of the factory plating to ensure complete polish surface.
  3. Apply a small dab of polish to the provided cotton strips.
  4. Polish the axle for about 15 seconds or so. Pay special attention to the underside of the axle head and the about 1/2″ of the shaft underneath the head of the axle. Compound will cause a darkish/blackish residue on the cotton strip. This is normal.
  5. Use a clean part of the strip to buff off the residue until there it no longer discolors the strip
  6. Clean the axles with Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol, and then dry. We suggest to seal the metal to ensure that there will be no rusting at a later date. Remember you have removed the plating, no you have a raw polished steel axle. Use the provided anti-rust paper to help eliminate rust if you do not have a sealant.

Video to come soon…. I thought someone else had published one. Can’t find it, so I will have to make one up. Sorry about that.

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