Pinewood Derby Weight Hole Drill Guide.

You can drill virtually all weight hole designs.  First version will be designed for BSA distances.  If enough people request a variation, we will design one for extended wheelbase  Holes will be centered and space properly for nearly all basic designs.  Use tungsten cylinders, lead, or steel weights to complete your car design.

My son came up with this design, drew it in CAD, then printed with a 3d printer.  First ones are going to be RED until it runs out, then we will move over to our traditional green.  We will offer it in digital downloads for those DIY guys.  Our program is running 4.75 hours per print.  55 grams weight at a 25% fill, .21mm layer height.

Made with PLA, durable enough to use over and over.  Costs considerably less than its metal counterpart.  Drill holes are oversize 1/32″ of an inch to ensure no binding with manufacturing differences in jobber bits, and plastic cooling during printing.

Drill the following patterns:

3x 3/8″ holes from the rear which will are raised enough to go over axle slots and drilled axles

3x 3/8″ holes from the side

9x 3/8″ hole pattern for the bottom

2x 1/4″ peep holes for those packs that require the visualization of BSA axle tips.  Also great way to glue your axles down after tuning.