Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Master Tool Pack

Pinewood Derby Tools

The Pinewood Derby is a Cub Scout tradition, and you want your cub to enjoy the experience. That means you need some specialized Pinewood Derby tools to help them in making a solid car that they can enjoy racing against their pack.

Pinewood Derby Bodies

Everyone creates their car body from woodblocks of the same dimensions. However, part of the fun is helping your cub balance the car looking cool with being aerodynamic. Whether you’re starting from scratch or from a pre-made body, a Pinewood Derby tool pack is essential.

Your cub will complete most of the work on the car body before race day. However, they may still want some Pinewood Derby tools for their car body like sandpapers or body polish for quick spot fixes. After all, getting to the finals without your cub’s car taking a few scratches is impossible.

Axle Tools

Axles connect the wheels on your cub’s car. Therefore, it’s an essential feature to gaining speed. Unfortunately, the axles used for Pinewood Derby are not as stable as those on your full-sized vehicle. All the bumping around on the track means your cub needs a Pinewood Derby tool pack to maintain the car’s performance.

There are several schools of thought on axles and how they should be. You cub needs to make their own decision as to whether they want a straight or angled approach. A good Pinewood Derby tool pack offers options for both choices.

The other thing with axles is they require lubrication. Otherwise, your cub’s car will not go as fast race after race. Among the many Pinewood Derby tools are appliers and friction reducers. Keeping both handy on race day can boost your cub’s race results.

Fast Pinewood Derby Wheels

The right wheel and axle combination helps the car go faster. Generally, Pinewood Derby wheels are light so that the builder can focus the car weight on the center of the vehicle. Most tracks your cub could race on are not perfectly smooth, so it will take a toll on the wheels.

A good Pinewood Derby tool pack has solutions for this as well. You can turn your cub scout loose with a wheel shaver, bore sealant and polish kit every couple of races if they want to make it to the pack championship races.

Your cub is excited about Pinewood Derby race day and you know you’ve helped inspire them through building the car. While you know the winning odds are long, your cub scout’s enthusiasm is infectious. Having the right Pinewood Derby tools around for each piece of the car can help your cub enjoy the day and even race into the pack championship.

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