Pinewood Derby Racing Oil

Pinewood Derby Racing Oil

Pinewood Derby Racing Oil Lube -PROL

Pinewood Derby Racing Oil is a thin film lubricant for your Pinewood Derby car axles that out performs graphite over the long haul because oil stays on your axles longer than graphite .  PROL is a proven race winner and an excellent replacement for the obsolete Krytox® lube.

We found an alternative to the discontinued DuPont™ Krytox® GPL 100 Oil Lubricant.  Pinewood Derby Racing Oil – PROL  is 100% food grade, non toxic, clear, odorless.  Less viscosity than that of GPL-100.  Pinewood Derby Racing Oil does not harm plastics.  This is a premium synthetic thin-film lubricant containing no additives giving it an extremely low viscosity at 5 cSt (submultiple centistokes).  Top performer for oil.  It is almost undetectable. When properly applied, PROL is much cleaner and leaves no trace on the tracks.

Pinewood Derby Car Performance Oil Lube -PROL is also perfect for that nice paint job that you worked so hard on. Graphite will stain and ruin a light color paint job, but PROL will not.  DO NOT ADD dry lubes such as GRAPHITE, MOLY or Tungsten. The dry lube will gum up the viscosity of the solvent, thus increasing friction!

Please check your local rules. Many pack and district rules only permit dry lubricants, such as graphite.

Pair with 100κ axles for best performance:

What the forums say about using oil:

Application Instructions Pinewood Derby Racing Oil

When using Pinewood Derby Car Performance Oil Lube -PROL,  it is important to remember that less is best. Applying too much will cause the viscosity of the oil to slow the car down.

To apply:

  1. Place two drops of Pinewood Derby Racing Oil on the axle shaft where the wheel will rest.
  2. Gently turn the axle with your fingers to allow the Pinewood Derby Racing Oil to coat the shaft where the wheel will rest.
  3. Place a wheel onto the axle shaft.
  4. Spin the wheel a few times and allow to come to a stop.
  5. Remove the wheel.
  6. Wick off the excess oil from the axle with a clean piece of paper.
  7. Reinstall the wheel back onto the axle.
  8. Repeat for the other axles and wheels.

Once your wheels are installed and your axles are tuned, do not remove your wheels for any reason.  Apply a new SINGLE drop, spin the wheel, wick away excess with the corner of a clean piece of paper.  It does evaporate, but very slowly unless the car is stored in a hot location. We recommend lubricating with PROL no more than two days before the race.

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