Pinewood Derby How to install Wheels and Axles without Chipping Breaking Busting Messing up Slots

Install Pinewood Derby Wheels

How to install Pinewood Derby® Wheels without chipping breaking busting messing up slots

Starting in 2015, we started providing a #44 a drill bit for every single car body that we sold for the reason that we did not want you to mess up the slots by hammering. We kept trying to provide the best solutions for a common problem.  Install Pinewood Derby® Wheels without busting the axle slots. We knew that the drill bit was a partial fix to the overall problem. We provided YouTube videos on how to better drill the slots with the current tools on the market to keep busted axle slots from happening. Our solution is currently a well known technique in solving the problem utilizing the Derby Worx Pro Axle guide.

The key to installing Pinewood Derby® Wheels and axles without messing up the slots is pre-drilling the axle slot. This can be accomplished two ways:

Pro Axle Guide and pin vise method

This video shows you how to install wheels and axles for your Pinewood Derby® body without breaking chipping and busting out your slots! No more hammering! Do not hammer!  We provided the community with this method years ago. It by far was our favorite way to ensure that we would not miss up a Pinewood Derby® wheel install. Over 200Κ views will show you that it is a popular method to get the job done correctly.


Pinewood Derby Car – Proper and BEST way to install wheels and Axles

3D Printed Drill Jig – Install Pinewood Derby® Wheels

With the power of 3D printing we mated the two popular Pinewood Derby® tools and came up with the perfect tool to pre-drill axle slots for axles.  I promise you will 100% accurately correctly drill you axle slot every single time, perfectly.  We are the first to market.   We are so confident that these are successful, we have purchased at total of 12× 3D printers to make inventory for 2021 Derby Season because we have to print of 20,000 hours of inventory!

Derby Dust Drill Guides for BSA Axle slots are the perfect and only tool you should now use to drill axle slots.

  • Made of environmentally friendly PLA plastic
  • We have no problems drilling 25+ cars on a single jig!
  • Included is a #44 drill bit for perfect axle install.  Drills a perfect .086″ diameter hole for your BSA axle every single time!

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