Pinewood Derby Car Graphite Derby Dust ™ Dry Lube

Pinewood Derby® Car Graphite Derby Dust™ Dry Lube

Pinewood derby car Graphite Derby Dust ™ Dry Lube

Graphite Derby Dust™ Dry Lube


This stuff is so good, soon you will be asking for it by name.

People can’t tell us our lube doesn’t work because we use our dry lube for every build.

Our faster builds are reaching average speeds of 12.35+ mph with just sanded BSA wheels and axles (100% legal).

Contains a proprietary blend of the industry’s best dry lubes. It’s more than just graphite.

Believe it or not, our product costs more than the packaging.


How To Apply Pinewood Derby® Graphite Dry Lube Wood Smudge Test from Shopvelox


How To Apply Pinewood Derby® Graphite Dry Lube Metal Smudge Test from Shopvelox


I’m Sold. Buy it Now $4.95


Derby Dust™ Dry Lube Feedback

Author: Fred-PA
Tried the comp sample. Thanks. We won the local division! Onto districts. Now supporting you! 🙂

Author: Member id trekkie527

Hi. I bought this item recently and used it on my son’s derby car. Thanks to this stuff, it clinched the pack victory in a really, really close championship race. My son is now pack champion and he’s thrilled. Was wondering if it’s possible to purchase more … and to save it for next year? Would it keep and be as effective if I save it at home for next year as opposed to purchasing it next year before his pack derby? Please let me know. Amazing stuff. Thanks so much! Now he’s just eager to get his trophy!
– trekkie527

Author: Gary O.
5/5: “Well satisfied with Derby Dust , Won fastest in Pack.”
January 30, 2012

Author: Member id thomas13103
Good Times!!!!! We Won!! Buyer: Member id thomas13103
Mar-16-12 15:07

Author: Member id call6573
awesome stuff Buyer: Member id call6573
Mar-07-12 19:33

Author: Member id byhisname
Great product–derby dust–we used it & we won. Thanks!!!!!!!
Feb-19-12 20:37

Author: Member id wreckem72
Fast shipping! Awesome product! 100% Satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan-31-12 19:30

Author: Member id c-1
Premium product, professionally packaged with quick shipping! A+++
Jan-26-12 08:52

Author: Member id iraqivetgijoe
WOW! This stuff really works. Product is highly recommended. A+ seller Buyer:
Dec-02-11 16:27

Author: C. Volk
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my sons car use Derby Dust and took 1 place at the pack races. Then took 1 place at district and set new track record of 3.106 at a speed of 159.7 scale miles per hour and now he gets to go to council races May 5th in Wichita Kansas. thanks Derby Dust!!!!! P.S. I will be ordering more soon!!!

Author: Bryan 3/5/12
Hello, Thank you for getting me the derby dust last week when another vendors highly rated product just did not cut it. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your products with me. The experience has been really positive.

For the derby the combination I ended up running on my sons car and three other kids car (single moms) was BSA certified wheels and axles rules.
The polished nail (1000 grit) with creme toothpaste polish Light initial dusting of BP2000 dry lube gently hand rubbed into the axle pre-fill the wheel and axle with another dry lube and spin 5 by hand at slow speeds with a slight shake to distribute.

This could take 5-6 times Once I have 20+ spins the wheel is mounted Once the car runs straight the final dry lube is added by a needle fill to both side of the wheel and spin for maximum speed and duration.

Progression: based on processing 20 nails, fastest 16 running on a car Straight wheel and axles nothing done 10-12 spins of time (seconds) Sand and polish (tooth paste and rinsed) 15-16 seconds of revolutions before stopping

Light dusting and burnish maybe 1 more second of spin

If I use BP2000 as the final lube and break in the maximum wheel spin is 23 to 24 seconds, good for most races but not going to districts.

With derby dust dry lube added at this level of prep the spin count averaged 31 seconds of spin before stopping.

Based on running on the test track at the house (25 feet) with a pace car
20 spins/seconds loses to the pace car by 1 car length (7)
24-25 seconds of spin loses by 3 inches at the finish
31 seconds of spin beats the pace car by 2 inches based on 5 runs with lane swapping


In real time comparisons:

  • Track 32 feet
  • Wood with high tech finish
  • Electronic time and start gate
  • 5 oz car
  • Running 4 wheels down
  • 7 inches long ran the track in 2.49 seconds
  • Grand Prix software calculated as 216 mph estimated.

At the race on Saturday, my sons car won the grand prize for best average time over 4 runs and set the track record for speed.

The attached picture is his car.

How do I know the extra revolution of spin made a difference as the number two car, lost by 500th of a second. Less time than it takes for a hummingbird to flap his wings 3 times in hoover flight.

If you have any question please feel free to call and I’d be glad to try it. My wife this morning said she had still not sent the extra $6 for speed shipping I will make sure it out tonight. The only thing better than your product, was the teams attention to detail, in getting the product out to me quickly, to make the race day event. The three kids cars, who I used it on also did well making the day special for them.

Thanks so much for your time and help.


Author: L. Cappelli
We won this weekend! First try after 47 years. Thanks for all your help, great product & we would not of done so without you. 3 generations are very proud. Humble lessons are on tap.

Author: @403woodcrafts
So the weekend before our Pack race, I gave a sample of Derby Dust to some friends that are in another pack. They generally have good cars and have been very helpful to us in our first year. So they watch the treadmill turn in video and used the Derby Dust on his car. Well, he won Webelows II Den and his Overall pack. He had a top speed of 195 mph!!

My sons are in the Tigers and the Wolves. Our Pack has a wooden 3 lane 28 foot track and each car runs each lane twice, then after the slowest time is thrown out they place the top 3 by average time. My Tiger won his den by having an average of 0.018 seconds faster than second and finished 4th in the Overall. My Wolf won his den by having an average of 0.086 seconds faster!!! The Cub master walked over to me after the first run and mumbled…. damn that was fast! An average car on our track runs about 2.65 seconds (180 mph) My Tiger was running 2.63’s and .64’s (his is the car with the fishtail problem) and my Wolf was the only Scout to run under 2.6 4 of his six runs were 2.58’s and .59’s!!


Author: Member id smb9495
Great product, won our first derby!

Author: Member id mitchell_99
Great product, love the derby dust!

Author: Member id phyedguy1269
A+++ First Place with Lube

Author: Member id tater67_99
awesome product. Race was Friday my boy took 1st place
Apr-15-13 13:44

I’m sold. Buy now!

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