Fast Pinewood Derby Racing Car with Tungsten Canopy

Winning Pinewood Derby Car designs by Derby Dust. Here is another beauty. This will be available in either BSA Slot or Drilled BSA Distance. This body weighed 11.3ish grams so we will call it a 12 gram body. I bet if I added a few more pockets up the neck I could get it to 10 grams. But maybe next time.

As always we incorporate winning Design tricks. Super light weight. Center of gravity designed to be around .930″ in front of rear axle. Slim Line aerodynamic profile. Wood removed to eliminate wheel rub. Quick start front ends. We always offer 3 wheel riders if desired.

This one going to be a little complicated in trying to get people to believe that you cubber did it. Lets be honest. SO…. make sure to watch the YouTube video below to have a viable way that it could be accomplished.