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Pinewood Wheel Fins Fenders

Pinewood Wheel Fins Fenders Pinewood Wheel Fins Fenders  by Derby Dust Tech's are proud to present our new line of laser cut Pinewood Derby Fenders! If you are trying to give your Pinewood Derby car a unique look or if you are seeking to get the ultimate performance from your car, look no further than Derby Dust. Our laser cut fenders are simple to use, light weight, and will add style and speed to your Pinewood Derby Car. Our fender designs are developed with the latest research and track testing resulting in fenders proven to provide speed gains. CNC designed,

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Pinewood Axle Polishing Kit

One of the key steps in making your Champions is turning those ugly BSA nails into race worthy axles.  Having the right tools makes this job a very easy process. Enough stuff in here to do quite a few axles. Once your graphite lube has been raced off, there is no lubrication between your axle and wheel bore.  To ensure that you have an advantage, the more friction you can reduce will give you the advantage over the next racer.  Polishing axles to a finer, mirror like surface will reduce friction. Everything needed to POLISH axles.  First step to polishing

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Pinewood Wheel Bore Sealant

Pinewood Wheel Bore Sealant Pinewood Wheel Bore Sealant is the last step in wheel prep for that Derby dad who needs the extra edge to a race.  Factory and reamed wheel bores contain minute (small) scratches, ridges and rough spots that create friction and decreases the car's racing speed. Polish smooth with our wheel polish kit then go the extra step and seal the polish job.  This polish will smooth the wheel bore to reduce friction and make your car go faster.  This is an overnight job.  Got to let the sealant do it's job! Once sealant is applied,  allow

Pinewood Axle Sand Paper 400-10K grit

Pinewood Axle Sand Paper After you have removed the crimps and the burrs, it is time to wet sand your axles polish to a mirror shine using Pinewood Axle Sand Paper.  Derby Dust wet sandpaper assortment offers 10 different grits need to get your axles mirror shine: 10000, 7000, 5000, 3000, 2000, 1500, 1000, 800, 600, 400. Wet sand is the key to making those axles have a mirror finish. ***Don’t forget to Seal your axle prep after you wet sand.  Leaving them overnight might make them rust!  After all, you have polished away the zinc plating.  Now you have

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Pinewood Derby Wheel Gauge

Pinewood Derby Wheel Gauge Well going to bring back a fan favorite pinewood derby tool - Pinewood Derby Wheel Gauge .  It measures 2 things with two different ranges.  First the overall wheel diameter.  The second measurement is for wheel width. It will be made of cast acrylic to bring the costs down.  Will laser cut and engrave them which will also save you a few bucks.  Also I'm going to show you the proper way to use it.  The original way in which you squeeze a wheel in between is the incorrect way to measure a wheel.  Especially with

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Final Axle Polish

We have added a few new products this year to help get some of those racers get more speed.  Our additions are outside of our KISS method.  However, we added Final Axle Polish as more of our customers have become comfortable with building cars.   Benefits of Final Axle Polish Derby Dust’s Final Axle Polish brings a mirror shine to your axles. Experts agree that the better the axles are polished the faster the car will go. Final Axle Polish will allow you to create optimized axles for top speeds. You should use Final Axle Polish after your wet sand your

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Ultimate Guide: How to Build a Winning Pinewood Derby Car

Ultimate Guide: How to Build a Winning Pinewood Derby Car Many people have asked me where to start on how to Build a Winning Pinewood Derby Car. So, I ask a few questions and spit out the answer based on those questions. I have taken some time to write down my racing theory based on a whole lot of hands-on derby time. More than most generations of builders have ever seen! Sure, grandpa might have build 20 or so cars, but I have built thousands, have my own track, and YouTube most of the builds. Definitions are at the end

Getting Started With The Pinewood Derby ®

The Pinewood Derby has a long tradition. For years, groups such as Boy Scouts of America ® and Awana ® have been participating in the Pinewood Derby ®, racing homemade cars on specially created tracks. This particular tradition is rooted in a history dating back to the 1950's and has continued on today as an activity rooted in family fun and bonding with one another to create a meaningful experience. In this article, here's a thorough rundown on the history, importance, and current rules and activities that are associated with the Pinewood Derby ®. Not only this, but we also

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New Derby Dust Dry Lube Applicator

  We have decide to move to the classic poly tube for our packaging needs.   With more and more business moving to amazon, we needed to reduce the size of our biggest selling item as it was taking up too much warehouse space at amazon, thus increasing its overall costs.   We have reduced the size of the applicator.  Still 0.25 oz. of product.  For those that are ordering 10 oz., we will still keep the old style baffle and tube system for that until we run out of baffle applicators. Although we loved the baffle style applicator, it was also

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Derby Dust Has Gone Solar!

To help do our part!  We have added a 10 kw solar system to our shop.  Although we will never be 100% neutral, we are doing our best to help offset things.  With 10xcnc machines online we will always have power requirements that we can not meet.   But we are trying.....  cant wait for full Texas Summer to see how much this thing will really produce!   Derby Dust Solar

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The History of the Pinewood Derby

One of the oldest and most notable organizations in the U.S. has to be the Boy Scouts of America, or Scouts BSA. And with a member list that includes astronauts, presidents, filmmakers, athletes (just to name a few), it’s a well-earned reputation. Of course, within this gigantic organization, there are subcategories, one being the Cub Scouts – a sort of young version of BSA. As it turns out, Cub Scouts have one of the most time-honored traditions of the BSA as a whole – the Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby isn’t as old as the Boy Scouts, which started in

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New Oil to Replace the discontinued Krytox GPL-100

We have purchased a few oils to replace the Discontinued Krytox GPL-100 series. We now carry Nyoil which was the first oil to be thoroughly tested and found to have great results. We have also started testing our own silicone based racing oils.  Less viscosity than that of GPL-100.  Nontoxic, odorless, does not harm plastics.  Will follow up with results as we get them.    

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