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Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade Info Options

Derby Dust Techs make your wheels faster than they come from the factory.  Our Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade options are simple and effective means of getting your champion car in the winner’s circle.

Here is a quick link to the wheels that we offer.  Please check it out if you haven’t already done so:


Lightweight Wheels Win Races.  Any pinewood derby wheel upgrade that is under 2 grams of weight will give you considerable advantage over factory weight or lightly lathed wheels.  Look for the weight that will meet your pack rule’s requirements.

On a Builders NOTE….  You will need a set of pliers to pull the axles once installed.  Because the wheels have been ligthend, you can no longer pull the axle out by the wheel.  You will bend/warp out of round.  Then the wheel will not roll correctly and you just wasted $$$.  Please don’t let this be I told you so moment.

Derby Worx wheels are manufactured by Derby Worx.  They are mold matched, heavily machined (40-80% mass removal).  Derby Dust does not do any additional work on these wheel sets.  They can not be matched for inner bore diameters and they can not be inspected for flawless hubs.    Its their product, they do good work and provide a quality product.  There is no additional hand picked premium wheel sets.


Wet Sanding:  If your pack rules requires light sanding only, we offer that option as well. All 4 wheels are chucked up at one time.   Then the wheel set is ran thorough a series of wet sands 400-1000.  This gives it a nice finished look and also complies with rules of your pack.

Polishing Service- Need for MORE SPEED:  Simple, no smoke and mirrors. No inflated costs. Guaranteed results. You can hear and see the difference. Increases speed, decreases overall time on our track by around .01-.015 seconds on 30.75 feet measuring distance. Definitely a major difference. Polishing removes all the micro scratches from the manufacturing and machining process. By doing so, you make faster wheel with less friction. Do it yourself ($7.95 for the kit and 1 hr of work)  or we can do it for you for a little more than the price of the kit.

Mold Match:  The easiest way in getting caught purchasing wheels and not using what you have in the box is the wheels with the all same mold number!  There is about only a 6% chance you will all 4 wheels the same mold.   16 molds x4 wheels = 64 wheels.  4 success and 60 failures =4:60 odds.  Do NOT get caught! Our wheels are NOT mold match numbers unless you order them that way. You have read up on it and believe in the Hype!  So we offer this service to you. Derby Worx Wheels are already mold match.  This option is not available for those wheels.  Please do not choose this option for those wheels.

Perfect Bore:  Visually inspected bore free from manufacturing flaws.  Every .001 second counts and this option easily helps in that department.  These wheels are the cream of the crop and carry the price tag with them.  You’ll have to buy quite a bit of  wheels to find 4 of these usually.  Since we buy them by the thousands, our selection is a little easier.  Not available on Derby Worx wheels. Please do not choose this option for those wheels.

pinewood derby wheel upgrade info


Precision Measured Matched Inner Bore:   ***New for 2013-2014 season And now a lot of sites have figured out what we did.  We believe this pinewood derby wheel upgrade is more appropriate than mold match wheels.  Wheels are matched using precision certified pin gauges.  As a result we achieve an accuracy of .0002″.  We are the first in the industry to offer this type of service.  Let’s watch the rest follow.  Rest assured that your wheels will be as near identical as we can make them.  If all your wheels have the same rotational travel, will make it easier to tune your car and reduce wheel wobble.  No need for averaging.  We will match exact diameters. Not available on Derby Worx wheels. Please do not choose this option for those wheels.


Laser is Here! Ladder Frames, balsa fenders coming soon.

New Taig Ballscrew Closed Loop CNC lathe with collect chucks. Should be a great year! Dismiss