Pinewood Derby Wheels Visually Inspect Wheels

A very important process that you need to do to ensure a fast winning car is visually inspect your wheels.  There are 2 things that we look at right off the bat.  Two parts of the inner bore.  Is inner bore centered to rest of wheel?  Is inner bore free from flaws?

Do not waste time trying to make lemonade with ROTTEN Lemons.  Wheels are the same way.  No matter how well you think you have fixed them, they just “LOOK” fixed.


Check inner bore of your Pinewood Derby Wheel for being centered

Brought to our attention from a professional data and standards engineer, we no longer offer sets with this mold number, simply because we feel that it is a BAD MOLD.

If you view the inner hub, it is simply not centered to the rest of the wheel. If you see any wheel that is like this, get rid of it.  They can happen in every mold, #4 and #16 just happens to be the most frequent that we have found.

Inspect the Inner Bore of your Pinewood Derby Wheel

One of the inspections that is frequently overlooked is inspection of the inner bore.  Our data shows only about 20% of the wheels are actually free from defects at the most important part of the wheel!  Many wheels have this void straight from factory which causes unknown wheel travel, binding, and wobble.  Take a look!  See it yourself

pinewood derby inner hub
pinewood derby inner hub