How to Pick the Better Pinewood Derby Axles

We will discuss how we make our axles.

Making BSA axles into speed axles is an art and process. You have to have very specialized tooling to do it correctly as well as efficiently. This is the method that we followed and then tweaked to your liking.

It’s a very good start, although the visuals could have been a little better.

If you don’t have a lathe…IMPROVISE. You can easily chuck up your axle in a drill.

To start off you are going to need 3x the number of axles you actually need.
If you are making one car, then we suggest a dozen axles.
If you don’t want to purchase 2 extra set of wheels and axles, then you can visit this store to get them by the dozen.

The reason being is that you only want to attempt to fix the ones that are the straightest. It seems that the axles just might be purposely bent.

  1. To tell which are straight and which aren’t, mark each axle with a marker about 1/2″ from the pointed end.
  2. Have an adult clamp a power drill into a vise, a device that will hold it perfectly still.
  3. Have an adult help you chuck each axle into the drill at the location you marked in Step 3. Have the adult turn on the drill.
  4. Bent axles will wobble as they turn in the drill. Straight axles will hardly wobble at all. Pick the ones that wobble least.

Pinewood derby speed axles are far from the official pinewood derby axle that comes in the kit.

It takes time and skill to remove those imperfections that come with the store bought official axles before transforming them into speed axles.

There are many how-to’s and books that show you how to do it. It just takes time and practice.

After looking over your information, if you feel it is too much to take, let us take that headache away. We can do it right the first time and free up that extra time needed to spend making your car body and tuning.

pinewood derby axle spin test