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Pinewood Derby Car Tools

Pinewood Derby Car tooling tools are a need to-have whether or not you’re racing with a pre-made vehicle kit or beginning from scratch with an official BSA pinewood block.

A Pinewood Derby scale is helpful in reaching the max weight limit, since the rules require your car fit certain weight specifications. Other handy tools you may want to consider include a Pinewood Derby hub tool, an axle alignment tool, body slotters, axle pullers and a Pinewood Derby axle guide. While you may have certain tools needed already on hand, such as needle-nose pliers, many of these tools are specific to building a Pinewood Derby car. We’ve got the best for less!

Furthermore purposeful, high quality, specialized tooling tools will build your Champion racer.  Because the Derby Dust® techs want to get you in the winner’s circle, we offer specific pinewood derby tooling you can not find at the big hardware stores. In addition these custom tools have proven to get the most out of your derby cars:

  • Drill bits
  • Pinewood derby axle drill Jigs
  • Specialized pinewood derby axle files
  • Axle Polish
  • Tuning supplies
  • Pin Vise
  • Derby Worx® Pinewood Derby Tools

So we make many of our own tooling and accessories because there are simply no other tools on the market that will do the things that we want to accomplish. Most of all, we have the same aims and goals as you do: create better high performance cars! As a result, you will need better tools to accomplish that task. You’ll find our line of tools indispensable on your work bench.

Specialized tooling to make your Pinewood derby builds easier by Derby Dust®.